Five Force Protection Plan

By 2017, we understand how businesses, brands and assets need protecting, thus we have developed our Five Force protection program:


Criminal and Civil - IP infringement, money laundering, internal/external fraud etc within the UK and internationally.

2.Intelligence management

Supporting public & private sector bodies to limit the threats to business areas through intelligence led strategies (management & co-ordination) and organised crime mapping.

3.Brand protection

Bespoke brand protection, trademark acquisitions, risk management and due diligence services, liaison with customs authorities, engagement with mainland and international enforcement agencies, test purchases and attendance at court.


Technical assistance (UK and International) in a range of areas including IP crime, anti-money laundering, fraud and due diligence.


Bespoke training packages specialising in the areas of criminal and business intelligence (use and management), anti-money laundering, fraud, IP, interview and investigative skills.

Five Force protection programme

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