Due diligence

To succeed in the current economic climate a company has to ensure that's its policies, procedures, customers and reputation are protected by a robust infrastructure.

WRi can provide resources with considerable experience in the areas of due diligence and risk management and can support any company (domestic or international) to initiate, develop and manage a due diligence system to ensure that counterfeit and or other infringing goods do not enter the supply or retail chain.

What we can offer

NB: An initial assessment of cases prior to development / action is provided free of charge

WRi will ensure that your company and its affiliate companies take all reasonable precautions to:

•Minimise the potential of purchasing, selling and distributing infringing products on- line and retail outlets

•Exercise all due diligence to avoid committing breaches under relevant laws within jurisdictions

•Develop guidance documents, policies and procedures and trainingmaterial for staff to ensure that a system of control is set up

•Assess the risks associated with the business area and implement, develop and manage policies and process to mitigate potential risks

•Use established network of industry and enforcement contacts in support of the company's anti- counterfeiting strategy thereby strengthening its due diligence system and reducing risks

•Promote the business plan and ethos amongst industry partners to develop and maintain a larger network of industry contacts

•Act as single point of contact (SPOC) for all law enforcement / brand related enquiries to develop and maintain 'goodwill' and support company activities.

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