With government calls for better evidence and a smarter private - public sector enforcement response we can help you gain a competitive edge in this aggressive market by providing you with the ability to better understand and limit your threats from crime and increase and enhance your engagement with domestic and international law enforcement practitioners.

WRi boasts experienced staff in the discipline of Intelligence collection, analysis and management and offer a specialist intelligence management service under either a fixed retainer or case by case basis providing clients with flexibility of service.

What we can offer:

•Review and evaluate current data and systems

•Identify collection, analysis, recording and dissemination protocols

•Use recognised tools for engagement with intelligence services and partners such as National intelligence reports and analytical software programs

•Initiate and maintain a risk register based on current and future intelligence threats

•Enhance the company's profile within the intelligence/enforcement community

•Develop and disseminate a range of intelligence products to enhance your ability to understand and limit your threats.

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